PBN Coated Graphite Products

Edgetech Industries, Advanced Ceramics Division supplies high-quality and competitive price advanced PBN Coated Graphite Products.


PBN Coated Graphite Products


PBN and graphite are machinable materials, we offer custom products with PBN coated graphite material. These including trays, furnace components, heating elements, vaporizing pots, rods, bars, sheets, tubes and more. Please send us drawing with all details for any customized PBN products.


PBN Coated Graphite Product Applications


PBN ceramic from Edgetech Industries Ceramics Division can withstand high temperature in high vacuum environment, plus it has excellent corrosion resistance and electrical resistance. Thus, Boron Nitride ceramic product is an ideal choice in a wide range of industries, such as:

-Crucibles for crystal growth

-Break rings for horizontal casting machine

-Insulators for high temperature furnace

-Electric insulators in vacuum system

-Feed through for high voltage equipment




As a ceramic material, boron nitride is quite fragile in a lot of cases. Our PBN Coated Graphite Product is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation. Suitable outer boxes and inner cushioning materials are used for PBN products, vacuum packing is also engaged for some of the parts.


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