Metallized AlN Ceramic

Edgetech Industries, Advanced Ceramics Division supplies high-quality Metallized Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramics at competitive price.

Metallized Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramics

An important issue in developing highly reliable, fast, high-power devices with modern technology is heat dissipation, as heat reduces reliability and shortens the life of electronic devices. Thermal conductive materials can help solve this problem. Possible thermal conductive materials include beryllium oxide, silicon carbide, aluminum nitride, and boron nitride. However, beryllium oxide is toxic, silicon carbide is a semiconductor with poor dielectric properties, and boron nitride requires complex processing methods to manufacture items. Only aluminum nitride has the best set of properties, is non-toxic, and can be used to create items in simple and effective ways. Metallization Aluminum nitride (AlN) is the most ideal heat dissipation and packaging material among semiconductor electronic materials. Due to its high thermal conductivity, high insulation resistance coefficient, excellent mechanical strength, and thermal shock resistance, it has also become one of the important precision ceramic materials.

The main metallization of aluminum nitride ceramics includes thick film metallization, thin film metallization, electroless plating metallization, and laser metallization.

Edgetech Industries, Advanced Ceramics Division supplies high-quality Metallized Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramics at competitive prices.

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Parameter

ColorGrayish white, Beige
Water absorption%0
Volume Densityg/cm3≥3.30
Surface roughnessum0.2-0.85
Warpage(length ‰)≤2.5‰
Thermal conductivityW/m.k≥170
Thermal expansivityx 10-6/°C (20℃-800℃)4-6
Flexural strengthMPa≥350
Modulus of elasticityGPa310-320
Dielectric constant1MHZ, 25℃8.9
Dielectric lossx 10-44.6
Dielectric strengthKV/mm≥15
Volume resistivityΩ.cm≥1014

Typical characteristic

AlN ceramic metallization has many advantages. It is also an ideal electronic packaging material and can be used as a substrate to make printed circuit boards for use in high-frequency circuits. In addition, aluminum nitride ceramic metallization has superior heat transfer properties and is suitable for high-power circuits.

-High thermal conductivity

-The thermal expansion coefficient can match that of semiconductor silicon wafers

-Has high insulation resistance and dielectric strength

-Has low dielectric constant and dielectric loss

-High mechanical properties and good machining performance

-Has a very low secondary electron emission coefficient


Application of Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

-Ideal with heat dissipation and packaging materials for large-scale integrated circuits, semiconductor module circuits, and high-power devices


Our Metallized AlN Ceramic is carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

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