Aluminum Nitride Crucible

Edgetech Industries, Advanced Ceramics Division supplies high-quality Aluminum nitride (AlN) Ceramic Crucibles at competitive price.

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Crucible, AlN Ceramic Crucibles

Aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramics have good corrosion resistance and stability at room temperature and high temperatures. They only decompose at 2450°C and can be used as high-temperature refractory crucibles. Aluminum nitride crucible cannot be wetted by copper, aluminum, silver, and other substances and resists the dissolution of aluminum, iron, and aluminum alloys, so it can be a good container. Since aluminum nitride is stable against molten salts such as gallium arsenide, using aluminum nitride crucibles instead of glass to synthesize gallium arsenide semiconductors can eliminate contamination from silicon in the glass and obtain high-purity gallium arsenide semiconductors. We can produce aluminum nitride ceramic crucibles with very smooth inner surfaces, which can extend service life.

Edgetech Industries, Advanced Ceramics Division supplies high-quality Aluminum nitride (AlN) Ceramics Crucible at competitive prices.

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Parameter

ColorGrayish white, Beige
Water absorption%0
Volume Densityg/cm3≥3.30
Surface roughnessum0.2-0.85
Warpage(length ‰)≤2.5‰
Thermal conductivityW/m.k≥170
Thermal expansivityx 10-6/°C (20℃-800℃)4-6
Flexural strengthMPa≥350
Modulus of elasticityGPa310-320
Dielectric constant1MHZ, 25℃8.9
Dielectric lossx 10-44.6
Dielectric strengthKV/mm≥15
Volume resistivityΩ.cm≥1014

Typical characteristic

AlN Crucible

AlN Crucible

-Very high thermal conductivity, Ultra-high thermal conductivity ≥225W/m·k

-High insulation capacity

-Low dielectric constant, effective against electronic signal interference

-Low thermal expansion

-Good metallization capacity

-Expansion coefficient can be matched with semiconductor silicon wafer

-Better mechanical strength than alumina

-Good corrosion resistance to molten metal

-Minimum impurity content, non-toxic, high purity

Application of Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

-Used as high-temperature refractory crucibles

-Crucible for melting non-ferrous metals and the semiconductor material gallium arsenide


Our Aluminum Nitride Crucible is carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

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